In 1979 Doug and Dee Valenzuela moved to Naples as missionaries.


Begin work in Casoria in a small room in mission book depository


Transfer to via Paone in Casoria and soon Marco and Genny and both future wives come to Christ. Here they are only six years later helping on the construction of the Casoria church.


City of Casoria in historic move grants to CASORIA CHURCH 30,000 sq. ft to build what will become the very first Baptist church built in Italy. We moved in without even windows or flooring.


We move the church to the new building that is only partially completed, but almost immediately we begin to see more people come to Christ.


Historic evening with the consecration to full-time pastoral ministry of Marco Scarpati and Genny Carleo as well as the part-time of Tony Aruta and Tito Castaldo.


With more families attending the church, many coming from the next city over, the city of ARZANO, we decide it is time to have a "blessed division" and start with a 40-day and 40-night evangelistic tent campaign. This was our first active collaboration with DELTA MINISTRIES.


To take advantage of the WORLD CUP, the church did a massive stadium type evangelistic outreach, using soccer players from BRAZIL to come over and challenge local city teams to soccer matches in the ARZANO STADIUM for 9 consecutive evenings of games. At half-time there was an evangelistic message, with many coming to Christ.


Naples Festival Image

Our churches collaborate with DELTA MINISTRIES to offer 9 evenings of FESTIVAL to the different cities that surround our churches. During the month of Sept. we see literally thousands of interested people come out night after night to enjoy the different venues that are offered to the public free of charge. The highlight, of course, is the preaching of the Gospel of Salvation each evening.


Purchased the New MELITO church building and transferred the members from ARZANO to MELITO.


Starting our ministry and our first service in the new MELITO VITA ABBONDANTE church.


Casoria church service


Dee and Doug Valenzuela...more than four decades later....still with the hands on the plow.