The Gospel is being Preached

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations


The church family in Napoli is very aware of the desperate spiritual condition in which they live. There are so few churches with born-again believers. We are constantly looking for creative ways to present the unchanging truth of Jesus to any who will listen.

Using baptisms in the church, summer camps, Christmas and Easter holidays, or special events, the body of Christ in Napoli is constantly seeking culturally relevant ways to let their friends and neighbors know how to live a life pleasing to the Lord and honoring His word.

Gospel Programs

Festival Melito 2018

Naples Festival Image

More than 750 people have come forward to make a decision for Christ through an incredibly effective ministry called Festival! This mega-event takes place every other year and draws thousands of people to a safe, free and entertaining venue where they hear the Gospel clearly presented.

Through a long-term partnership with churches in America, God has used Festivals to change the lives of people in Italy and the USA!


Many people were praying, others gave with great sacrifice, and many even came over to the city of NAPLES to join up with our two churches of CASORIA and MELITO and put on our nine day and night mega evangelistic effort called FESTIVAL MELITO 2018.

The city of Melito, with over 45,000 residents, has basically only three evangelical churches and so most of our guests each evening came with very little understanding of the saving message of the Gospel. Through different and creative booths we were able to break down barriers of ignorance and superstition. The approximately 100 USA team members with DELTA Ministries along with our ITALIAN church family made every effort to present Jesus Christ to our many visitors.

Each evening at the close I had an opportunity to preach a clear salvation message and at the invitation both the very young and old and many in-between came forward. We thank God for allowing us this great partnership with our church family in AMERICA to make this effort a great success!!

Current Need



Funding Deadline: June 1, 2018

The cost for Festival varies from year to year depending on location and size of the event. The estimate for Festival Melito 2018 includes stage, sound, gazebos, tables and chairs, promotion, materials, administrative expenses and more.

(*This is an estimate at the time the campaign was started and is based on a detailed budget. Giving to this fund will be applied directly to the intended campaign.)


Kids outreach

While FESTIVAL is an event we can do only every two years, we have baptisms, special women’s conferences, times for youth and men to come, and all throughout the year we use our church facility and outdoor areas to call the lost to a clear understanding of the message of Salvation.


Naples Christian Camps

Napoli is a huge concrete jungle with very little open space. We use the Old Mill Camp all during the summer months to invite youth and adults for a great outdoor experience. We’ve seen so many fantastic conversions and solid growth coming from these camps.


Naples discipleship on stage

Our churches are passionate about evangelism, yet we know there is no growth without solid follow-up. We have teams of men and women trained in the principles of Christian discipleship, and each person that trusts the Jesus as Savior is guided in this new adventure to serve HIM as Lord. We have prepared books and other materials that will aid in this new walk with Christ.

Home Bible Studies

As the church continues to grow numerically, we must provide for a much wider range of teaching material for the many who want to grow in their faith. We have prepared home studies, bible study guides, evangelistic aids, on-line streaming of services, Facebook and daily Bible readings, all to enrich the lives of our church family.