Families are being healed

and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded


In Italy, “la famiglia” is the key to everything. Yet, there are very few resources or services to help families navigate the challenges of marriages, relationships, and parenting. We are dedicated to the training and building up of the family, and believe that healthy families in the church are like beacons that demonstrate the power of Christ in every area of life.


Naples church wedding

The Abundant Life churches provide pre-marriage counseling as a part of coaching young couples entering into marriage. Also available are trained counselors for couples who are facing difficult times in their marriage, along with training and retreats to encourage healthy marriages.


It is amazing to see the development of young families into strong examples of faith, hope and love. Pastors and elders provide parents with positive lessons in the classroom as they guide them in the parenting adventure.


The church leaders have poured their lives into many young men and women who are now leading and using their gifts for the Kingdom. They use camps, as well as very important mid-week prayer times and special evangelistic events to put the young people in the “front lines”. This furthers their skills and gifts as the church continues to grow.

Ages 0 – 10

Sunday school is available for all grades.

Ages 11 – 13

CLUB is led by guys and girls from both churches. This is time where they get together each Saturday, 4 months in the Casoria church and then 4 months in the Melito church from 6:00pm until 7:30pm.

Ages 14 – 18

CLAN is also led by the young people. Same time and place as the Club.

Ages 18+

Pastor Tony leads this time every other Sunday where “all churches come” to be trained.