Stirring Naples to Life with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Abundant Life churches of Naples, Italy, engage in ministries that impact families and communities for Christ.

Give to the pastors in Naples, Italy as they support the local churches during this time of great need.


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Current Need



Would you make a monthly contribution to help support the churches as they support these pastors?

(*This is an estimate at the time the campaign was started and is based on a detailed budget. Giving to this fund will be applied directly to the intended campaign.)

​The Gospel is being preached to the city of Naples, and hope is being restored to a dark place. It is in part through a highly effective mega-evangelistic event simply called Festival. Take a look at it here:

But we aren't done yet. Less than 1% of Italy knows Jesus, and we need your help in order to bring the Gospel of Jesus to the people of Naples.

Leaders are being raised up

Our churches are led by men and women trained in the Word who have honed their skills in all aspects of leadership. In spite of many obstacles, they are producing a next generation of solid believers who will also be strong in the Word and passionate about the lost.

Current Need



The Gospel is being preached

The church family in Napoli is very aware of the desperate spiritual condition in which they live. So few churches with so few born-again believers. Our churches are passionate about evangelism, yet we know there is no growth without solid follow-up.

Families are being restored

The Abundant Life churches provide pre-marriage counseling, trained counselors for couples who are facing difficult times in their marriage, and training and retreats to encourage healthy marriages.

The community is being impacted

In this religious culture, we are able to transform what is a “family time” into a fantastic opportunity to preach the Gospel.