Leaders are being raised up

and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded


In a nation where there is only one trained pastor for every 380,000 people, our churches are led by men and women trained in the Word. They have honed their skills in all aspects of leadership, and in spite of many obstacles are producing a next generation of solid believers who will also be strong in the Word and passionate about the lost.

What an honor not only to see so many come to Christ, but to see them develop into capable leaders with a passion to see their nation experience a revival.

The Church Pastors

Tony Aruta

Pastor Tony Aruta

Teaching pastor at Casoria Church

Tony's God Story

Up until 1994, a life of drugs and alcohol had destroyed Tony’s life. But He met Jesus and not only was he freed from this negative lifestyle, but committed himself to doing anything we needed him to do in the church. Now married to Angela with two great kids, he serves the Lord working with youth, leading studies and preaching and teaching in both our churches.

Tito Castaldo

Pastor Tito Castaldo

Teaching pastor at Melito Church

Tito's God Story

When Tito Castaldo came to Christ, he immediately began sharing his faith with his family and friends. Those who knew him saw an amazing change, and we saw many come to Christ because of his testimony. He works full-time as a fireman, but every other waking hour is dedicated to the study of the Word. When stands up and preach, you know you have heard the Word of God.

Marco Scarpati

Pastor Marco Scarpati

Teaching pastor at Melito Church

Marco's God Story

Marco has become a focal point for so many families in desperate need of marriage and family counseling. He and his wife, Mary, not only teach these vital living principles, but they show the power of Christ as they live their lives out in this very difficult area of Napoli. As he preaches and teaches the Word of God, many have responded, and we see families built up in truth.

Genny Carleo

Pastor Genny Carleo

Teaching pastor at Casoria Church

Genny's God Story

Before coming to new life in Christ, Genny Carleo was studying to become a priest. He has always desired to know the truth of God’s word. Since his conversion in 1981, he has dedicated himself to the study of His Word. Now, along with his family, he faithfully pastors the Casoria church. His own son Mimmo is taking after his father in leading and directing the church services.

Pastor's Ministry Fund Logo

So few evangelical churches in Italy have a full-time pastor. Many are simply “self-taught” or “self-ordained.” Of course, this lack of solid training keeps the typical church in a state of ignorance and bondage to tradition and legalism.

God has so blessed us to have solidly trained men who are also FULL-TIME and can dedicate themselves to prayer, study and effective leadership in the church. However, the economic situation of Napoli (EUROSTAT 2017 shows our area at 57% unemployment) and the religious context makes it very difficult to effectively keep these men supported.

You can help! We have developed a “three-year scale-down” program that will allow us to strengthen the churches and their giving, which will help keep these men in the ministry.

Here’s how it works:

Give 100% each month of the amount you have determined to commit.

For example: $100/mo

Reduce your monthly giving to 65% of your original commitment.

For example: $65/mo

Reduce your monthly giving to 35% or your original commitment.

For example: $35/mo

Current Need



Would you make a monthly contribution to help support the churches as they support these pastors?

Your routine giving will combine with the church offerings in Naples to assist with all operations and ministry. What a great way to bless the leaders and the churches!

(*This is an estimate at the time the campaign was started and is based on a detailed budget. Giving to this fund will be applied directly to the intended campaign.)

Here are some of the other amazing ways leaders are being raised up in our Naples churches


What a joy to see young men and women taking on the responsibilities as servants and leaders in the church. They are being trained as teachers and in sound Biblical theology, as well as how to direct and guide the church in its vision to reach their generation and generations to come. They truly have a heart for the city of Naples!


The lead pastors continue to train in key areas such as theology, preaching, counseling, leadership, church strategies, youth and more. There is a strategic plan to train, mentor and coach in specialized areas as passions and gifting emerge through ministry.